SAFIA have become one of most intriguing bands in the Australian music scene. It’s easy to describe them as an electronic trio, but you can hear the layers of soul, folk, pop, rock, and dance with every second, third or fourth listen. They seem to have mastered that ultraRead More

QUICK CHATS // Stonefield


To celebrate Stonefield’s absolutely jamming song ‘Changes’, and in hope that the sheer coolness that is the four-piece rubs off on us, we had a snappy exchange with singer and drummer Amy Findlay. Sushi or pizza? Horror or comedy? This is Q&A level questioning. THE BREAKDOWN: Based in: Melbourne, Australia. Sounds like: AnRead More

CHATS // Montaigne

Talking to the new Baroque pop wonderkid Montaigne reminds me of having conversations with my younger sister – it’s a rollercoaster that is both fun and exhausting, and makes me feel very old. Absolutely brimming with hopeful exuberance, Jessica Cerro chatters with passion and the occasional swear word for whichRead More

Chats with Jinja Safari

Exploding onto the guitar-oriented indie scene in 2010, Jinja Safari has continued to gain momentum and a reputation for “forest-themed indie rock stuff” (Marcus Azon’s own words) which is a cut above, with catchy hooks as well as intricate multi-instrumented rhythms. After an 18 month hiatus, the latest singleRead More

Quick Chats with Bag Raiders

One of my most beloved Australian acts Bag Raiders are going to be busy, busy, busy in the next 6 months. They’re planning on releasing a collection of three EPs by the end of this year, with the first one Waterfalls already out now. On top of that, they’ll be bringing out theirRead More

Chats with Josh Pyke

Josh Pyke is pretty proud to release his fifth studio album, But For All These Shrinking Hearts, at the end of July. In fact, it’s the first time he’s felt truly confident about a release. His music is often described as “happy-sad” and that’s something he’s decided to runRead More

Chats with Anika

After growing up in Germany and living in America and London, Anika moved to Melbourne to study and play music. We went to meet her in an old Brunswick warehouse, where she told us all about the Melbourne creative and musical scene. An atmosphere she “can’t find anywhere else”.Read More

Chats with Oscar Key Sung

The kind of music that Oscar Key Sung produces has quickly become my favourite genre. It’s soulful vocals mixed with R&B beats. Oscar Slorach-Thorne has been collaborating with amazing Australian artists for years, including Andras Fox, Martin King and Banoffee. Altruism is his second solo EP release and I’ve barely listened to anything else forRead More

Chats with Opiuo

We had a bit of a Q&A with cosmic glitch-hop superstar Opiuo. Renowned internationally for his funky and genre-spanning tunes, Opiuo is currently touring with a live band, something pretty bloody impressive considering the complexity of his music. Have a gander. You’ve embarked on an Australian national tour asRead More


We decided to have a chat with Melbourne producer, LUCIANBLOMKAMP, to reflect on how far he has come and what to expect from him in the future. Harry: What made you want to become a musician? Lucian: I had a passion for violin from a young age and started taking lessonsRead More