FESTS // SXSW Tour & Photo Diary // Day 4

Day four of SXSW. And I’ve learnt that, “A space has opened up that has allowed people who aren’t white males to write about music,” from journalist Chuck Eddy. It’s nice to be acknowledged. Being a Thursday, the main streets are jam-packed with people. It feels like a giantREAD MORE

FESTS // SXSW Tour & Photo Diary // Day 3

There’s no rest for the wicked at SXSW. This is feels. Somewhat ironically I’ve been attending panel discussions in the afternoon on how to get paid to write about music and whether music journalists even matter anymore, all the while simultaneously writing these reviews, and in lieu of seeing musicREAD MORE

FESTS // SXSW Tour & Photo Diary // Day 2

Day two of SXSW and my brain is already crashing. Who knew attending party after party was going to be so much work. Brenmar and Tasha the Amazon – DOTS x VICE Play Beautifully at The Mohawk A somewhat less Vice-esque crowd than what I’m used to seeing is swanning around theREAD MORE

SOUNDTRACK // Miguel – Cadillac


This song epitomises that desperate feeling of hearing something in a movie or TV show, and urgently grasping at your phone to type in all the random lyrics you can remember to find a name for said tune. I should have been expecting this when watching the music drama The GetREAD MORE