SOUNDTRACK // Miguel – Cadillac


This song epitomises that desperate feeling of hearing something in a movie or TV show, and urgently grasping at your phone to type in all the random lyrics you can remember to find a name for said tune. I should have been expecting this when watching the music drama The GetREAD MORE

FEATURE // Songs to shower to

I don’t know about you, but I keep a regularly updated playlist made exclusively for my shower time. There’s something about the enclosed, echo-inducing, tiled bathroom space that makes singing so downright enjoyable. Juan Julbe It’s, in fact, scientifically proven you sound better in a shower. Tiles don’t absorb sound which makesREAD MORE

FEATURE // Songs to make out to

Kissing, making out, hooking up, locking lips – whatever you want to call it. If you need some inspiration for your next session, look no further. Introducing our new series, “Songs to…” Frank Ocean – ‘Thinkin Bout You’ A playlist is barely a playlist until it has Frank Ocean’s beautifulREAD MORE