REVIEW // Fazerdaze – Morningside

Her story section on Facebook, “Girl in bedroom on guitar”, implies that Fazderdaze is nothing game changing. But this 24-year old solo artist has delivered an album that sounds like it could be from a fitted-out four-piece act. It doesn’t help that Amelia Murray’s chosen artist name of Fazerdaze sounds moreREAD MORE

REVIEW // Cashmere Cat – 9

Falling from such great heights. Does a (cashmere) cat always land on its feet? Following some heavy-hitting collaborations like ‘Trust Nobody’ with Selena Gomez and singles with Ariana Grande, it seemed that Magnus August Høiberg was moving in the direction Diplo took Major Lazer: from grimey clubs to out-and-outREAD MORE

REVIEW // Jens Lekman – Life Will See You Now

The fourth full-length record by Swedish musician Jens Lekman is a pleasantly catchy collection of indie pop, drawing from a diverse range of influences and styles. With the current era of pop music taking on a predominantly electronic texture, it’s always a nice surprise when artists take a decidedlyREAD MORE

REVIEW // Golden Features – Wolfie / Funeral


Notoriously hidden away, Tom Stell aka Golden Features has resurfaced the golden mask with a fresh double A-side. With ODESZA backing him as part of their Foreign Family Collective (a curation of musicians and visual artists including RÜFÜS and Jai Wolf by the Seattle duo), Golden Features is in good company,READ MORE

REVIEW // Tegan and Sara – Love You to Death

Canadian twins Tegan and Sara have continued their winning foray into the world of pop music, and the final product packs a dazzling, sugary punch. On the surface, it’s hard to say whether much has evolved since 2013’s Heartthrob, which signaled Tegan and Sara’s move towards bubblegum pop. But what Love You to Death does is furtherREAD MORE

8 MUSINGS // Flume – Skin

Flume’s highly-hotly-super-over-anticipated album has been in the ether for a solid period of time now. And how do we feel about it? Nearly four years on from his groundbreaking self-titled debut album, let’s explore what has changed, what hasn’t, and whether we’re going to again experience a wave of post-Flume 2.0 copycatsREAD MORE

REVIEW // Pet Shop Boys – Super

It’s a good time to be nostalgic. The pioneering English synthpop duo are back with their thirteenth studio album, and it’s worth saying outright that they haven’t lost a step. Much like their contemporaries with OMD‘s English Electric in 2013, or New Order‘s Music Complete in 2015, the Pet ShopREAD MORE