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 Founder + Co-Editor: Jane11009046_10205032598989279_1907239150_n

Loves: Watching birds sit, getting lit af with the fam, and that type of laughing when it hurts and you can’t breathe.
If I could interview anyone: Kanye West because he’s unintentionally hilarious. And Nina Las Vegas because how can one person be that amount of cool?
Say what? My favourite animals are sloths and my retiree dream is to become a sloth volunteer in Costa Rica.

Co-Editor: Arianna11075785_10205032599029280_182592075_n

Loves: Watching crappy reality and drama shows, eating cheese and dancing in my pyjamas.
If I could interview anyone: Tim Gunn or Lisa Eldridge.
Say what? I hid a packet of smoked salmon under my mattress when I was little because I didn’t want anyone else to eat it. A week went by and I completely forgot about it. The salmon went off, my room smelt like funky fish and Mummy was not happy.

Contributor: Huggett11056667_10205032597909252_98338156_n

Loves: Sports, a good beer on a summer’s day, and a top notch stand-up routine.
If I could interview anyone: Tim Minchin. Two of the most important things to me are a good sense of humour and a good appreciation for music. Tim has both of those things and every time I’ve seen him interviewed, I get more and more intrigued. If you haven’t seen the documentary “Matilda & Me”, you’re really missing out!
Say what? I once broke my toe by running into a chair because I was a little too eager to get my chicken nuggets out of the oven.

Contributor: Darren

LovesAngrily learning German and watching videos on Youtube of tennis players getting angry.
If I could interview anyone:T he members of CHVRCHES. Bond over our shared love of Depeche Mode before testing that bond by sharing with them my love of haggis.
Say what? When I was in Edinburgh, I narrowly avoided being attacked by a belligerent and drunk Scot who incorrectly thought I had insulted his girlfriend…thereby confirming that some stereotypes really are grounded in truth.