GIGS // Tash Sultana // The Homestead

From the moment she climbed through the crowd, to the stage, and kicked off her shoes, we knew Tash Sultana was going to put on a show. Tash Sultana has exploded into the forefront of the Australian music scene this year. She’s gone from busker in the streets of MelbourneREAD MORE

REVIEW // Fortunes. – 501’s


Bounce, bounce, bounce. This is some sensual, bouncey tunage from Fortunes. Drawing you in immediately, following the huge Americanised “DAYUM”, is a dreamy voice with hints of the Aussie/Kiwi accent. It’s all very endearing and homegrown. When you’re overseas, you cling onto anyone you happen to know there from your home city,READ MORE

GIGS // Airling // Howler


It was a glittery night in the beautiful venue that is Howler. Disco balls decorated the stage floor, shooting pink and yellow lighting around the room, and Airling’s sparkling outfit accompanied her shimmering voice. Can I possibly fit another synonym for “glitter” into this post? Kicking off with her charmingly curated debut EP Love Gracefully featuring singles ‘WastedREAD MORE

SOUNDTRACK // Miguel – Cadillac


This song epitomises that desperate feeling of hearing something in a movie or TV show, and urgently grasping at your phone to type in all the random lyrics you can remember to find a name for said tune. I should have been expecting this when watching the music drama The GetREAD MORE