The Plot Melbourne

The crew from Groovin’ the Moo this year for the first time created a more city focused party called The Plot that hit both Sydney and Melbourne. It all happened last weekend and we got the low down for you. The idea behind The Plot is that you buy a digital plot ofRead More

Kele & Bobbie Gordon – Down Boy

With Bloc Party’s indefinite hiatus still continuing, frontman Kele Okereke has continued his solo work, this time collaborating with fellow Brit Bobbie Gordon on a world first – the first ever commercially sold 3D-printed music record (love the mix of cutting-edge technology and music! For more check out theRead More



Say hi to Whono, the cheeky little monkey with his ears perked up especially for you. The girls at art felicis have kindly lent him a new guest spot on their site, right here! He’s got a thing for new music, music that not everyone would have heard ofRead More

Phantogram – Fall In Love

Last Friday, the music industry was held hostage by the surprise release of Beyoncé’s exclusive visual album. Not only did Queen B’s guerrilla attack crash iTunes servers, but it overshadowed everything else that happened in the music world that week, including the release of Lorde’s secret single “No Better”, the announcementRead More


WHAT’S NEW IN THE WORLD OF MUSIC AND OUR FAVOURITE LATEST TRACKS.  triple J and the Red Cross teamed up recently to create a festive song with the aim of getting it to the top of the charts and having all proceeds donated to the Red Cross. They bluntlyRead More

Basenji – Dawn

This music is candy for your ears. Glitchy happiness, upbeat downtempo – it’s bass-y but also really delightful. And the beats! Starting off with a marching band drum beat, then slowly switching into this amazing sounding clacking beat that’s so mesmerising. The word that I keep wanting to use toRead More

The Killers – Shot at the Night

The Killers break up rumours have been rife recently, despite the band having denied any temporary or permanent hiatus. Thankfully, their recent compilation album featured two new tracks: “Shot at the Night” and “Just Another Girl”, giving hard-core Killers fans a thirst quenching taste of their unique sound since their last albumRead More


If you wanna cut to the chase with some quick and solid pointers to get you in the know, our new weekly guide The Weeekender has got you covered! In here, we’ll give you a rundown in what happened in the music world this week and give you our favourite tracksRead More