Saskwatch – Hands

It’s difficult to ignore Saskwatch’s own infusion of indie soul packaged in bubbly pop music. What’s even better is that there are 9 members of Saskwatch, which makes me feel like they’re just a big group friends hanging out and producing fantastic music! It’s unsurprising that they’ve gone from busking onRead More

Holy Ghost! – Dynamics

Holy Ghost! are a duo composed of Alex Frankel and Nick Millhiser out of Brooklyn, New York who create funky, synth-heavy dance music. Dynamics is their follow up album to their debut self-titled album they released in 2011. Dyanmics is a slight departure from Holy Ghost!’s debut album. It seems toRead More

Haim – Days Are Gone

Introducing Haim (rhymes with ‘time’), three ridiculously talented sisters with long manes, long legs, and a killer sound. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Haim! These fresh faces have just dropped their debut album, Days Are Gone. Este, Danielle and Alana Haim grew up in the San Fernando Valley inRead More

What So Not – High You Are

What So Not just released their new EP High You Are composed of a bunch of remixes of this song, which was released on their album The Quack earlier in the year. Astronomar and The Only created very club-friendly hits out of “High You Are”, and Motez produced a techno-influenced sound. SCNTST‘s remix isRead More