Disclosure – Settle

After missing out on seeing Disclosure – twice! – we have been eagerly anticipating the release of this album. We’re also feeling very lucky to be living Down Under, as we get slightly earlier access to this – it’s released in most other countries on June 3rd. That hasRead More


Watch out for Lemâitre, because we think they’re on the verge of becoming big. Ulrik Denizou Lund and Ketil Jansen make up this duo out of Norway and they create incredibly fun indie pop/electronic music. They started creating music together in 2010, and have released 3 EPs so far. You can definitelyRead More

Crystal Fighters – LA Calling

Introducing the latest single from Crystal Fighters‘ sophomore album set to be released in a week. This is quite a fun little song with cute guitar riffs and layered vocals in classic Crystal Fighters style. The album as a whole sounds more whimsical and more folk inspired in comparison toRead More

Bibio – À Tout à L’heure

This video features slightly confusing images within images against other images. Gettit? No? Have a watch, it’s pretty trippy! This song has all the makings of frivolous dancing across lush grassy hills through a vintage camera lens, and it seems fitting that Bibio (aka English producer Stephen Wilkinson) actuallyRead More